Reproductive Genetics

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Developments in genetics and in other technologies mean that embryos created through IVF can be tested for an increasing range of genetic disorders. Genetic testing of embryos created naturally is also increasing. Should parents be able to choose the genetic make-up of their baby for any reason or only when a serious disease is likely? What are the implications for disabled people?

The UK allows the creation of cloned human embryos for research into disease treatments but not to clone a person. Will it be possible to prevent human cloning if research continues, does the potential for cures for diseases warrant the risk, and will we need to create a market in women's eggs to meet the demand that may be created for cloned embryos?

Should young people have their genes screened before they have children? In 2011, the Human Genetics Commission published a report advocating the introduction of pre-conception genetic screening in the UK. Read the Telegraph report and GeneWatch's response.


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