Protection of Freedoms Act

The Protection of Freedoms Act was adopted by parliament on 1st May 2012.

The new Act significantly improves the legislation covering the operation of UK National DNA Database by the police in England and Wales. More than a million innocent people's DNA and fingerprint records will be removed from police computers and all DNA samples will be destroyed.

In May 2013, the Government reported significant progress in deleting 1,136,000 innocent people's DNA profiles from the National DNA Database and destroying 6,341,000 DNA samples. However, removal of profiles of children convicted of a single minor offence has not yet been fully implemented and the Act will not commence in full until later in 2013.

New guidance will also have to be written for the police, to make sure that Police National Computer (PNC) records are deleted at the same time as people's DNA and fingerprint records (this requirement is not included explicitly in the Act). Minister Lord Henley's statement about PNC records is here.

You can read about the Act's development on the Protection of Freedoms Bill section of this website.


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