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The United Arab Emirates is building a DNA database of its entire population.

The picture shows his Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, attending the signing of the first contract between Lieutenant-General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Interior, and Alan Matthews, communications director of the UK Forensic Science Service (FSS) in January 2006.

A list of the FSS contracts with UAE was provided in answer to a UK parliamentary question on 31st January 2011.

The initial two-year contract signed in January 2006 was worth over 1 million pounds to the FSS but the value of subsequent contracts has not been disclosed. The UK Government-owned FSS has since been closed down and UAE is expected to sign contracts elsewhere.

According to an Abu Dhabi Police Press Release from 28th October 2010, Denver District Attorney Mitchell R. Morrissey has trained the force in familial searching of the DNA database. Morrissey's Facebook page records his trip to UAE.


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