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GM Nation? - the UK's public debate on GM crops

In July 2002, the Government announced that it would have a broad public debate on the future of GM crops and food in the UK which was called 'GM Nation?'. The results of this public debate were intended to be taken into account in the decision-making by the Government for any future GM policy.

The public debate was launched in parallel with studies to consider the economics and science of GM crops. The Prime Minister's Strategy Unit considered the Costs and Benefits of GM crops in its economic study, and the Chief Scientist's GM Science Review Panel considered the scientific evidence. The findings of the farm-scale evaluations (FSEs) as well as a report by the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission's (AEBC) on coexistence of GM with non-GM farming, and liability for economic or environmental damage were also used to inform decision making.

GeneWatch published a series of briefings to help people engage in the debate, took part in public meetings and published two reports about the process to help any future process work better.


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