GeneWatch PR: Prime Minister unscientific about science: GeneWatch UK response to PM's speech on science and the economy

3rd November 2006

Responding to the Prime Minister's speech on science and the economy, Dr Sue Mayer, GeneWatch UK's Director said:

"The Prime Minister is extraordinarily ignorant about the scientific method. This makes him blind to the dangers of corporate control of science and deaf to the genuine concerns that people have about the impacts of new technologies on society. There are real questions about whether science to meet the interests of big business will meet the need to improve people's health and protect the future of the environment".

"Over-commercialisation of science leads to bias, secrecy and distorted research priorities: pills for obesity instead of a better diet. Treatments for baldness get greater priority than prevention of malaria."

"Ordinary people ask more intelligent questions about science than the Prime Minister. He seems to have been seduced by the excessive hype of industry and some scientists. Science is exciting and interesting, but its connection with the economy and the future of the planet is complex. "

Contact: Sue Mayer 01298 871898 (office); 07930 308807 (mobile)

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